Residential Solar

Here at Vandalia, we provide friendly no-cost, no-commitment proposals to homeowners for ground and/or roof-mounted solar arrays. No project is too small or too large and we will walk you through every step of the way including designing your system, visiting your home to discuss your options, providing 100% (no money down) financing options, and connecting you with local experienced & expert solar installer Mountain View Solar.

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Commercial Solar

If you’re a business owner, you have significant incentives that can be used to install solar on your building. Vandalia will walk you through every tax incentive and grant program available. We will also explain what demand charges are on you electric bill and what strategies can complement solar to reduce your entire electric bills. If your business is eligible for a grant, then we will even write the grant so you can use every available incentive. Connect with us today to receive your no-cost, no-commitment solar proposal for a Mountain View Solar installation.

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Battery Back-Up

When the power is out in your community, you can be the house with a cold refrigerator, a working well pump, and lighting. Vandalia listens to your critical needs when the power is out and sizes your solar plus battery energy storage system right to provide the level of back up power that you need. If you have a well pump or other motorized energy user, we even test the spike in current to ensure your battery is capable of providing the service you need to stay comfortable when the power is out.

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Community Give Back

Vandalia co-ordinates the Community Give Back Program with expert solar installer Mountain View Solar and your favorite local non-profit to provide non-profit organizations (including places of worship) a no-cost pathway to go solar. For each non-profit supporter who goes solar, our team will donate on average one panel to the non-profit sponsor. We have active Community Give Back Programs in Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia.

We are partnering with the below non-profits to offer community supported solar so they can generate their own electricity to reduce their electric bills and dedicate more resources to their mission:

The Kids Clubs of the Northern Shenandoah Valley in Winchester, VA

The River House in Capon Bridge, WV

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