Virginia Is Going Big and Going Clean

Virginia is signing up to be a leader.

MTV Solar Installation in Albemarle County, VA

MTV Solar Installation in Albemarle County, VA

Effective September 16th, 2019 - Governor Ralph Northam set a target of 30% Renewable Electricity by 2030 and 100% Carbon-Free Electricity by 2050. With the effects of climate change getting worse and worse every year and the federal government sitting on its thumbs - we here at Vandalia Energy Services are glad to see the Commonwealth of Virginia stepping up to the plate and aiming for the fences.

While the time to act on climate change was decades ago, the opportunity to act is today. Local and State-level governments are stepping up across the country to fill the current void of national leadership to deal with worsening climate change. Governor Northam’s order is excellent in that it both focuses on the immediate, rapid expansion of renewable energy and it includes the necessary focus on ensuring the benefits of clean energy are realized by low & moderate income people and people of color.

“Since I took office, our administration has been focused on establishing a strong and bold vision for Virginia as we work to modernize our electric grid and reduce barriers to the development of clean energy resources. We know the importance of a true shift to reliance on renewable energy sources in reducing our carbon footprint, growing our economy, and creating the clean energy jobs of the future. This Executive Order will help ensure that Virginia remains at the forefront of clean energy innovation, meets the urgency of the challenges brought on by climate change, and captures the economic, environmental, and health benefits of this energy growth in an equitable way that benefits all Virginians.”

- Governor Ralph Northam

As a North American Board Certified Energy Professional (NABCEP) Solar PV Associate (#PVA-112618-022474) who designs at least several solar PV systems every day, I know we have the roofs and the solar generation potential to make this happen. It is a question of leadership and priorities to use our local and national resources to effectively and rapidly transition our energy systems (which is a tall order, but is one that is doable). I am glad to see this order from Governor Northam and I am looking forward to seeing the results of this order. The proof will be in the pudding for the real world impacts of this announcement and this is the first step.

Our team here at Vandalia Energy Services is ready and excited to be a part of making good things happen from designing and developing quality residential, non-profit, agricultural, and commercial systems to providing residential energy auditing to working with small to medium sized non-profits to develop a best path to reducing their energy bills with clean energy. We are excited to arrange quality solar installations through experienced solar installer Mountain View Solar to deploy solar in the Shenandoah Valley and beyond.

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The full text of Executive Order Forty-Three can be found here.