Maryland Is Making Solar Happen, We Can Help

I am excited to see commitment. I am excited to see progress.

Maryland is not waiting on the federal government to act. Maryland is moving in the right direction.

Maryland has set the target of 50% clean energy by 2030 (yep, that’s just eleven years away). This new law includes a carve out of 14.5% of retail sales coming from solar photovoltaic. That’s a fancy way of saying that one in seven kilowatt-hours used in Maryland by 2030 will come from in-state solar power. That is incredible.

Right now, just about one in thirty kilowatt-hours in Maryland comes from solar and this law will only increase the generation of local solar electricity. By 2021, Maryland has mandated that 6.75% of electricity sales come from solar and by 2025, 11.5% of electricity sales come from solar. To make that happen, significant financial benefits to solar will be enacted and you stand to benefit by installing solar.

Vandalia Energy Services is headquartered in Charles Town, West Virginia and we are partnered with Mountain View Solar which has been installing solar in Maryland for the past ten years. That is a lifetime in the solar industry. With the value of solar in Maryland going up, it is key to find a solar installer which is experienced and qualified, even if we’re not the cheapest game in town. If a company is making penetrations in your roof, confidence in their ability is key.

Vandalia and Mountain View Solar put a premium on installing solar in rural communities. We serve the 100+ miles of Maryland west of Frederick and we are proud to do it. So, say hello to us Frederick, Washington, Allegany, and Garrett Counties - we’ll say hi right back and will connect you with every available financial incentive and the best possible solar electricity generation for your home, farm, non-profit, place of worship, or business.

Rural communities should be at the forefront of receiving the benefits of renewable energy, particularly with the exciting passage of the Clean Energy Jobs Act.

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